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About Subsidence UK

Subsidence Ltd is an engineering business based in the UK, offering a national service to homeowners and landlords that are facing the challenges of subsidence in their properties.

The business is committed to providing a focused customer journey, giving property owners a low cost, high quality, personalised service to remedy subsidence. The unique selling point of Subsidence Ltd is the provision of a service that is significantly more effective and personalised for the customer than our competition, providing a fixed one-stop cost for remedial works. Our pricing is quite simply an actual cost build-up, and the skill-base of our engineers means we don’t outsource our work to third parties, ensuring that the customer gets the best pricing on the market. In addition, we offer discount options, which are provided where the customer either recommends the business to another customer, or where work is clustered within the same street allowing for efficiencies; any cost savings that we achieve are passed straight back to the customer. And we don’t walk away at the end of the job without giving the customer the advice and support they need to put their property back to the high standards they expect.

Subsidence Repair UK 

With depots in the Northwest, Midlands and North London, we are perfectly placed to service the areas of the UK that are hardest hit with subsidence issues. We have crews based in all locations, as near as possible to their home addresses, allowing us to minimise their travel times and to help reduce our business carbon footprint.

The Subsidence Ltd team brings together the best-in-class personnel from the industry, collectively having over 30 years of experience in construction and over 16 years specifically in underpinning and resin stabilisation activities. The management and the operational team are fully trained, competent and provide the expertise required to deliver the work as a one-stop-shop activity for the customer.

Finally, we are absolutely committed to having a diverse business, and we have a female workforce in our on-site operational and back-office roles. We are also aware of our community responsibilities and the need to bring the next generation of engineers into our industry. This is why we have committed to having a young apprentice in all of our engineering crews so that we build our business on solid foundations for the future.

We are open to take your calls 7 days a week between 8am and 8pm. Contact Us on 0333 1300592 or fill out our contact form and we’ll be back in touch. Free on-site assessments are essential for all of our clients.

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