Foam Injections for Subsidence: The Chemical Reaction and Concrete Stability

Subsidence repairs with foam underpinning and UK cost calculations start here. Foam resin injection offers faster foundation stabilisation than traditional underpinning, with less disruption and lower cost. This is a little-known consideration, especially when you are planning to sell your home.

We complete foam resin reinforced foundations in days, not weeks, and no planning permission is required. Most UK homeowners will enjoy foundation repairs without any construction workers entering their property! Usually, the ground injections are in the areas surrounding the exterior of your home.

In one single day, resin foam can repair sinking foundations by filling cavities and reinforcing compromised soils and old concrete. The speed, effectiveness, and minimal invasiveness of resin injection make it a versatile alternative to underpinning for restoring structural integrity.

Subsidence arises from several common causes:

  1. London Clay soil contraction during droughts, expanding in the Great British rainfalls
  2. Nearby vegetation drying clay soils, tree roots extracting moisture can be one cause
  3. Leaking drains or broken pipes erode soil as the free-flowing water flows underground
  4. Homes over the age of one hundred years will not have modern foundations in place

foam resin underpinning 2024 foundation subsidence property home england ukFoam Resin Chemical Reaction Process

Resin injection combines two liquid chemical substances. This polyurethane structural foam quickly reinforces sunken, failed and slipped property foundations. SubsidenceLtd liquid resin components are mixed on site and pumped into the soil beneath your home through small injection holes.

As the resin permeates the underground voids, the two parts chemically react and rapidly expand into a hardened, plastic foam up to 30 times the injected volume.

The expanding foam fills cavities and binds surrounding soil into a solid mass.

The cured resin foam exhibits comparable strength and stability to concrete but with greater flexibility. Typical compressive strength ranges from 200-400 psi, effectively supporting building loads. The foam’s semi-rigid nature also resists cracking versus brittle concrete.

Resin foam can thoroughly permeate and shore loose soils and voids that would be difficult, costly, and disruptive to fill using manual underpinning excavation. The liquid properties allow it to seep through tiny fissures before solidifying.

Advantages of Resin Injection in Diverse UK Soil Types

Tailored to UK domestic homeowners, this heading highlights how resin injection is effective across various soil types throughout Scotland, Wales and England. Subsidence postcode areas have been identified the most in North, East and South London, with the City of London being built around the Thames River. Our clients do seem to be in clusters around East Anglia, and the Midlands of the UK.

How Subsidence Repairs Works with Resin Foam to Rapidly Stabilise Foundations

Understanding Subsidence: More Than Just Cracks in the Wall
Call us on 0333 1300592 if suspect any or all of the 5 signs of Subsidence. Property sinking is a significant issue beyond mere cosmetic wall cracks.

The Hidden Dangers of Overlooking Subsidence in Your Property
Here’s the potential consequences of neglecting signs of subsidence, and a brief overview of the classic property ‘tells’ that add up to the difference between a ‘settling’ crack in a wall, and a structural symptom of subsidence.

Resin Injection: A Modern Solution to an Age-Old Problem Implementing resin injections as an innovative approach to subsidence repair aligns with the theme of offering modern, eco-friendly subsidence solutions.
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Navigating Property Ownership: Subsidence offer structural insights with every home visit, including a CCTV drain check for broken pipes. You can view the recorded footage from our cameras on your doorstep. Our engineers may not need to enter your home to complete the treatment.


Preserving Your Property’s Value in the Face of Subsidence
Emphasises the importance of maintaining property value through proper subsidence management, a key concern for property owners. While traditional underpinning has been a reliable method for many years, its drawbacks in terms of cost, time, disruption, and environmental impact make it less favourable in the modern context. Resin injection, with its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and minimal disruption, is increasingly being recognized as a superior alternative for addressing subsidence issues in diverse UK soil types. This shift in preference underscores the importance of adopting new technologies and methods in property maintenance and repair.

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