Fix Subsidence in Your Home with Resin Injections

Foundation Repairs with Resin Injections – No Structural Underpinning

On-site assessments include an underground investigation using modern equipment – a CCTV camera broadcasts live footage of drains. We have 30 years of construction experience to help British homeowners at no initial charge with a complimentary on-site assessment. Subsidence Ltd shows this recorded footage to the customer to demonstrate the underground and out-of-sight problem has been identified.

50% of our customers discover the cause of subsidence isn’t their soil composition, it’s a symptom of leaking water from damaged, destroyed or cracked and leaking drainage pipes around their property foundations. Not all cracks in walls are due to subsidence, for reassurance we invite you to send us your photos and our engineers will diagnose and reply within 24 hours. To begin, get in touch today.

Resin Injection, Drain Repairs and Foundation Stabilisation

Subsidence Limited has one clear mission to help Property Owners across the UK. We raise, relevel and resupport your home in as little as one day. Watch our timelapse video which shows you cracks closing over just a few weeks of resin injections being completed:

The advantages position foam resin injection as a highly effective alternative to traditional underpinning, especially for subsidence repair in various UK regions. It’s important to note that while resin injection is suitable for many situations, a professional assessment is always recommended to determine the best method for specific cases.

Curious about the price? Get a subsidence cost price direct to your email and be reassured with our 10 year warranty.

Subsidence Ltd has a combined experience of 70 years when you take into account the construction background gained over the last 3 decades. We offer free on-site assessments throughout the UK by structural engineers.

You will discover how easy major foundation repairs with a chemical foaming process is, when compared to hand-installed, invasive underpinning.

In summary: You make contact with us via phone or online, and send us photos of the affected area. Our engineers will provide tips on how to effectively photograph each room in your home – whether that be external photographs around drains and trees, to internal basement photos and capturing wall cracks effectively with any smartphone camera.

Once we verify the damage is actually caused by years of foundation slippage, we will schedule a date that’s convenient for you to carry out the repairs.

Foam resin injection leaves little to no visible sign on the property once completed, preserving its aesthetic appeal, which can be particularly important for historic buildings or in conservation areas.

Our versatile solution tackles a wide range of subsidence issues from cracks and sinking floors to sloping windows and doors. We’ll restore your property stability swiftly and seamlessly, implementation usually only takes one working day.

We’re committed to giving you friendly and efficient service, quality advice and low fixed prices. Compare the cost to structural underpinning for extreme cases of subsidence when your domestic property is showing the first symptoms of foundation movement:

Alternative to Structural Underpinning: Cost vs Time

Subsidence Treatment Resin Injection Repairs Underpinning Alternative

What does the resin repair process look like? The repair work begins and our workers will use the very latest laser survey equipment to monitor the levels of your property as the work is carried out. Small penny-sized holes will be drilled at the injection points and tubes will be inserted. Mushroom caps will be placed on top for visibility and safety as our engineers start to inject the resin into the tubes.

The liquid material expands and hardens quickly and provides firm and reliable support similar to concrete. It has the capability to lift your property and stabilise the foundations of your home in a few weeks.

Throughout the whole process, our engineers will do whatever they can to minimise any mess around your property. When the work has finished, the property will have been lifted and levelled. We’ll then advise on any final bits of cosmetic work while patching up any visual cracks that remain. You’ll also get a 10 year warranty for the work we’ve completed.

Nationwide Subsidence Repair Services in the UK

On-site Assessments by Subsidence Ltd Engineers

The process we go through is really simple. When you contact us, we’ll assess your property to confirm it does have subsidence. We’ll then advise you on the next steps to take. This is normally an independent site investigation and drain survey.

Our engineers will mark out all the injection points and expose any underground services to protect them. They’ll also check the soil condition so they can select the right resin solution for your home.

Regional Subsidence Patterns in Great Britain – Wales, England and London Soil and Strata Differences

The type of soil surrounding pipes influences leaks’ impacts. Granular sands and gravels drain freely while expansive clays absorb and hold moisture. Areas with thick clay deposits thus see greater foundation damage risks from drain leakage plumes. This partially explains regional UK subsidence patterns, with severe soil shrink-swell zones like the London Clay basin or Jurassic Oxford clays suffering more incidents. Specific clay mineral compositions also contribute, as montmorillonite clays expand over ten times more than other types when wetted.

Besides soil chemistry, the depth of overburden influences flow rates and dispersion angles of moisture from pipe leaks. More permeable shallow soils drain downwards faster than deeply buried pipes surrounded by low permeability deposits, enabling wider subsurface saturation. These complex, interdependent geological factors dictate localized site behaviours that structural engineers analyse in order to create bespoke subsidence repairs and solutions for each property. Careful modelling of the unique attributes of a site’s geology and soil allows the design of effective underpinning and water redirection plans.

While drainage issues arise for homeowners everywhere, their impacts on structural stability depend greatly on the surrounding soil environment. From a greater understanding of these mechanisms come more resilient solutions against subsidence across Britain’s landscapes, from rural Scotland, to the slate and rocky Welsh regions, throughout England and around the River Thames in London.

At Subsidence Limited, we are 100% committed to saving one property at a time by giving you a fabulous customer experience, exceptional results and great value. Contact our team today and let’s start your home repair journey together.

Expert Broken Drain Replacements and Reconstruction

Our website is your portal to learn more about the causes of subsidence, especially if you’re planning a property survey when you are selling your home in England.

Previously we have written about broken drains. When we conduct an on-site survey around the outlier areas of your property, we will show you the CCTV footage of our drain inspection. This offers a clear and visual way of seeing underground issues that are normally hidden from our sight.

Underpinning and Stabilisation For UK Properties

Traditional Underpinning

When a property’s foundations are unstable, causing subsidence, traditional underpinning is a common repair method. This involves excavating around the foundations and inserting steel beams or piles that extend deep into the ground to support the structure. The excavation process can be disruptive and dusty, and it may involve removing trees or other landscaping elements.

Resin Injections

Resin injections are a more recent and less invasive alternative to traditional underpinning. This method involves injecting a resin into the ground around the foundations to fill any voids or cracks that may be causing subsidence. The resin hardens quickly, providing support for the foundations. Resin injections are less disruptive than traditional underpinning, but they can be more expensive.

Cost-Effective Answers to Subsidence in the UK

Our motto will always be “Saving one property at a time” and our helpline is open seven days a week, between 8am and 8pm. Let’s chat and call us on 0333 1300592 we also have a Whatsapp team on hand to enable you to send us photos of your property cracks.

Whether it’s external brickwork, internal wall cracks, sinking flooring or whether you’re having difficulties opening and closing doors. We look forward to helping every single homeowner recover from foundation subsidence.

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