We Are Expanding Our Fleet!

Here at Subsidence Ltd, we are focused on providing our crews with the best working environment and critically involving them in the build process so that it’s right for them from the outset!

Our latest arrivals into the fleet are in build and due to be out on the road at the end of October 2023, with more to follow in January 2024!

The new vehicles will continue to give our customers the confidence that we are focused on looking after our employees and providing them with the best possible customer experience as well as a high-quality job.

Subsidence Repair UK Wide

We provide resin injection subsidence repairs across the UK. By arming our engineers with the very best equipment, including the vans they travel in and work from, we can be sure that they perform every job to 100% satisfaction.

If you’ve noticed signs of subsidence, get in touch with us today. It’s vital to tackle subsidence as soon as it starts to appear to prevent further damage to your home. We can give you a free quote and advise on minimising the risk to your home structure. We will even help you with subsidence insurance claims and helpful tips on repairing any damage caused by subsidence. Call us today at  0333 1300592

Why Are Vans So Important to Our Engineers?

Work vans make a significant difference to our engineers, especially as they’re required to travel to various job sites, perform fieldwork, and transport tools and equipment. Here are some ways in which work vans  impact our engineering employees:

Mobility and Accessibility: Work vans provide engineering employees with the mobility to reach different work locations. This mobility is essential for engineers who need to assess, inspect, or work on various projects.

Tool and Equipment Transport: Our engineers require specialised tools, equipment, and materials. The fully equipped vans offer ample storage space to transport these items, ensuring that employees have easy access to the tools they need for their tasks.

Efficiency: Our vans have customised storage solutions, shelving, and compartments, allowing engineers to organise and transport their tools and equipment efficiently. This saves time and reduces the chances of tools getting damaged or lost.

Professional Image: We believe a well-maintained work van can enhance our engineer’s professional image and allow them to feel proud when turning up to a site.

Time Saving: With a well-equipped work van, engineers can reduce the time spent setting up and packing up tools and equipment at job sites. This time saving leads to increased productivity, therefore getting them on site and set up much more efficiently.

Organisation: Work vans can help engineers stay organised, ensuring that they have the right tools and materials readily available.

So yes, while they look great, our fleet of work vans plays a vital role in supporting the needs of our engineering employees who travel to job sites. They offer mobility, efficiency, and convenience, enhancing the productivity and professionalism of engineering teams.

Are you interested in a career in Subsidence? Check out our current engineering vacancies or send us an email at contactus@subsidenceltd.co.uk




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