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Subsidence Repairs with Resin Injections UK Wide

We're here to help homeowners all over the UK with subsidence repairs without underpinning. We can raise, re-level and re-support your home in as little as a day.
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Visit our subsidence cost calculator page to get an estimate of repair costs.

Subsidence repair needed internal cracks

Underpinning Alternative

We are here to help homeowners, landlords, property owners, housing associations and in fact any property owner across the UK fix cracks, sinking floors and sloping windows or doors that appear in buildings due to subsidence. Resin Injection is usually complete in one day, there is little or no mess, and we also give you a warranty for the work we complete!

So, how does our subsidence-busting process work? It's simple:

6 Million+

Number of properties in the UK impacted by subsidence issues


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Subsidence Repairs without Planning Permission

Cracks on the wall. Subsidence related issue

Cracked Walls

We specialise in helping to fix repair structural damage caused by sinking foundations. With our innovative techniques, we reinstate your home's stability and integrity, ensuring its durability for the future, and allowing you to do the cosmetic repairs you need.

The ground outside home subsidence

Foundation Subsidence Fix

Subsidence is dedicated helping to repair structural damage from sinking foundations. With our innovative techniques, we restore stability, ensuring your home's future.

Female happy to have subsidence contractor visit

Fixing Door and Window Issues

We don't just repair, we reestablish integrity to your living space. We offer fixes for homes misaligned due to foundation damage, helping to structurally realign your doors and windows.

Resin Bonds With Concrete Foundations In Your Property.

Subsidence engineers will respect your space. Often, our process doesn't even require us to enter your home. Our unique material is injected into the affected area, quickly expanding and hardening to stabilise your property. Within minutes, it's 90% set, and you may start to see improvements, like vanishing cracks and smoother doors.

This versatile solution tackles a wide range of subsidence issues, from sinking floors to problematic extensions, restoring your home's stability swiftly and seamlessly.

Family happy subsidence issues have been solved.

Remedial Subsidence Resin Injection - Stablilising Foundations

Fast & Clean

Say goodbye to the mess and delays of traditional underpinning. Our cutting-edge technology offers a fast, clean, and hassle-free alternative for subsidence repair and sinking floors! No digging required!

Precision Engineering

Our expert technicians drill tiny 16mm holes in the affected areas, so discreet that they’re typically the size of a coin. Often, there’s no need for internal access, making the process even more convenient for you.

Instant Hardening for Rapid Results

Our cutting-edge resin hardens instantly, providing a sturdy, swift solution for subsidence. This accelerates repair, restoring your property faster than conventional methods.

No More Digging

Our method is clean, simple, and best of all—requires no digging. We've eliminated the need for disruptive excavation from the subsidence solution process.

Stabilise Your Foundations

Our process doesn't just patch up the problem—it raises and stabilises your property's foundations. With us, you're not just getting a quick fix; you're getting a durable, long-term solution.

Privacy and Discretion

With us, there's no need to declare the works. We respect your privacy and conduct our operations with the utmost discretion.

Subsidence Ltd - Lovely Reviews

We are committed to giving you the best experience we can – giving you an efficient and friendly service with the best advice, the most experienced workforce and lowest fixed prices to make the work affordable for you.

Protect Your Home's Worth: Say No to Subsidence

Subsidence UK Advisors - Sustainable Solutions.

Our eco-friendly solution tackles nearly all subsidence troubles. It's not just about patching up cracks and stabilising structures, but also about doing so in a way that respects your space. You can count on us to prevent further movement in your property while keeping our environmental impact as low as we can. We want to be as efficient as we can, to reduce our carbon footprint and also reduce your costs - speak to us about how we can work together to achieve this!

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