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When people first hear the dreaded term “subsidence”, often their minds immediately go to extensive building work, empty bank accounts, costly, invasive surveys and renovations that take weeks to complete and disrupt lives. This used to be the case, but now technology and innovation have found ways to reduce the stress and strain of subsidence repair.

At Subsidence, our team have spent their careers developing subsidence repair solutions to revolutionise traditional methods, giving customers complete peace of mind that further damage won’t be caused while also providing a more affordable and less intrusive overall experience. We set out to develop new and ingenious methods to ensure maximum effectiveness and minimal disruption through a state-of-the-art resin formula that treats subsidence in as little as fifteen minutes!

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Subsidence Resin Injection Revolution

With a collective wealth of knowledge and experience in subsidence recovery, our team have perfected a incredible resin injection for subsidence that works in the customer’s favour in every way possible.

This revolutionary resin formula has been mastered over the years, now enabling rapid results that last. That’s why SubsistenceLtd provides every customer with their own 10 year warranty.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to our process:

Step 1: Drilling small holes – before injecting our resin formula into the foundations, we drill tiny holes into the problem areas, ensuring maximum precision and minimal aesthetic disturbance.

Step 2: Injecting material –  Secondly, we inject our formula using state-of-the-art equipment and an abundance of skill. Our outstanding resin formula is made up of eco-friendly materials designed to reintroduce stability and robustness to a structure with immediate effect. 

Step 3: Rapid hardening – The material hardens in seconds, providing reliable support similar to concrete. Once solidified, it has the power to fully lift your property. And post-treatment, its resilience is impressive, making this a fantastic long-term solution.

Why Opt For Our Resin Injections?

There are several reasons why you should opt for our resin solutions over underpinning. When considering efficiency, performance, and the comparison of timelines when compared with traditional methods, the benefits of resin well outweighs any of underpinning. As the resin gets to work in just fifteen minutes, resin injections are a far faster and less invasive choice, quickly making this a favourable option for homeowners nationwide. Plus, we ensure a mess-free approach that doesn’t require you to vacate the property.

In terms of the resin formula itself, the environmental benefits surpass any other product on the market. Other methods, including underpinning, result in vast carbon emissions, but our expanding resin injections are made with the planet in mind. We’ll not only lessen our carbon footprint but you’ll be given peace of mind that the resin is made of entirely natural materials, giving it a non-toxic nature. 

Last but certainly not least, the subsidence resin injection cost is not only affordable but it’s worth it. You’ll be met with a reliable solution that’ll last for years to come and one that doesn’t require maintenance or extreme renovations post-treatment. 

Why Choose Subsidence?

We are committed to delivering fantastic results while giving our customers a personable experience from start to finish. And this is only the starting point with Subsidence. Our understanding approach allows us to nurture client relationships while remaining at the forefront of our industry and, more importantly, our local community.

If you’d like to learn more about our resin injections and why you should choose Subsidence to rectify your cracked walls, get in touch with our expert team today at 0333 1300592.

Learn more about what to expect from Subsidence and why we are confident that our processes are matchless in performance. 

The Woes of Subsidence for Homeowners

The most common sign of subsidence is internal and external cracking on ceilings, flooring and walls. These cracks tend to be wider at one end and narrow at the other. But subsidence is not only noticeable through cracks; sloped or sinking floors, puddles around perimeters, gaps above skirting boards and doors/windows not shutting properly are also signs of this worrying issue.

If these problems aren’t addressed promptly, they can worsen and become even more costly to fix while also affecting the value of your property as a whole. Additionally, the emotional stress that comes hand in hand with subsidence can take its toll on those dealing with it; therefore, seeking professional help and advice is vital during the early stages.

Why Avoid Traditional Underpinning?

Underpinning has been the go-to solution for ridding homes of subsidence for decades. This long-lived method involves digging below foundations to remove subsoil and replace it with a much more stable material such as concrete or steel ‘pins’.

As you can imagine, this becomes very messy, and paired with its intrusive nature and sky-high costs, it leaves many homeowners feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Sadly, subsidence is a serious issue and one that must always be treated. When your property is facing this problem, it can feel as though your life has been turned upside down, especially if you have a fleet of engineers and builders invading your home on a daily basis. On top of all of that, when it comes to underpinning, its eco-friendliness is seriously lacking.

The hidden costs behind underpinning can often go beyond just your standard treatment price and paint job. In fact, the time and stress, alongside the prolonged home repair can set you back several thousand pound, and as a result, companies like Subsidence, have been looking for a way to turn this undesirable option into an outdated one. 

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