Introducing Subsidence Ltd’s Latest IVECO Van

In the world of subsidence repair, efficiency and reliability are paramount. Subsidence Ltd is proud to present our newest IVECO van, fully equipped and ready to go.

Unveiling Our Van

We are excited to introduce our latest addition to the repair fleet. Our new IVECO van, complete with distinct branding and a thoughtfully customised interior, reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence. It’s more than just a vehicle; it symbolises our dedication to providing top-quality subsidence repair services.

Setting off on a New Chapter

This latest vehicle will be out with a new team starting on Monday, and once safety and quality checked and will be on its first job on Tuesday!

Safety and Quality: Our Top Priority

A successful subsidence repair project begins with a focus on safety and quality. Prior to taking on its first job, our new IVECO van undergoes stringent safety and quality checks. We uphold the highest industry standards, ensuring the safety of our team and the satisfaction of our clients.

Acknowledging Our Support Team

Behind every achievement is a dedicated support team working diligently behind the scenes. Subsidence Ltd extends heartfelt gratitude to our outstanding supply chain and support team. Without their unwavering commitment and efforts, turning this vision into reality would not have been possible. They are the unsung heroes who drive our success.

Continuing Our Legacy of Excellence

Our new van joins the ranks of its colleagues, each contributing to our legacy of excellence in the subsidence repair industry. At Subsidence Ltd, we take pride in continually raising the bar and pursuing the highest quality and reliability in our repair services.

With our latest van ready to go, we are eager to hit the road and do what we do best—repair subsidence. Our commitment to our clients and our passion for excellence drive us forward. Stay with us as we share the success stories and adventures that this new vehicle will undoubtedly bring.

Now let’s go and save some properties.

Are you interested in a career in Subsidence? Check out our current engineering vacancies or send us an email at

Signs of Subsidence? Get in Touch

If you’ve noticed signs of subsidence, please reach out to us any day of the week from 8 am to 8 pm at 0333 1300592 for expert guidance. If you’d prefer us to contact you, simply complete our enquiry form. We’re committed to providing assistance nationwide and offer complimentary on-site assessments carried out by our skilled engineers. In cases where multiple homes within the same postcode area are affected by ground shifting, we extend special discounts to our clients.



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