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Subsidence is covered by most house insurance policies, but only if your property has never suffered from subsidence in the past. It’s crucial to understand the nuances and complexities surrounding it. By being informed and proactive, Housing Association portfolios which include domestic property residents around the UK may be protected against the financial burden of this potentially damaging issue. This is not legal advice.

Signs of Subsidence – Domestic Homes and Properties around North London

Cracks in Walls, Floors, and Ceilings. Cracks are one of the most common signs of subsidence and these minor cracks can appear on both the interior and exterior of a building. These cracks may start off small but can gradually widen and become more visible over time.

Subsidence and heave can be a personal and financial nightmare for homeowners as this damage can be very expensive to repair. With our resin repair solution, there is a quicker and cheaper option when compared to traditional structural underpinning.

A good building insurance policy will cover repairs to damage caused by subsidence, as well as replacement costs for lost items and alternative accommodation.

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Buying and Selling Domestic Properties in the UK

Those interested in buying your property will have more confidence in completing a purchase if you can provide evidence that the problem is fixed. Unfortunately, there is no limit on how long you have to declare subsidence.

Where appropriate your insurer may send a specialist/engineer to your home to examine the damage caused by subsidence and determine its cause. If the damage is minor, the cause can be easily determined and the movement of your home has stopped, repairs will usually be carried out straight away.

The subsidence investigation usually involves accurate monitoring of any movement of the building or structure. This includes precise datum monitoring of principal fractures and, where appropriate, precision level survey monitoring of datum fixed close to the foundations of the building or structure. Often insurance companies will want to monitor subsidence levels for a number of months or years before agreeing to any rectification measures. Your premium may also be affected once they know you have subsidence.

Insurance and Subsidence Resin Structural Repairs

There is no way to easily prevent your property from subsiding further, and resin injection is a solution that is equivalent to underpinning but without the mess, and cost that goes with it. It’s an underpinning alternative.

If left alone, subsidence can cause structural weakness and even the collapse of buildings. Subsidence is at its worst when different parts of the property are dropping at different rates. This causes “shearing” forces between different parts of the structure and can significantly destabilise the property. Complete foundation fails and severe structural damage could mean that structural underpinning is your only viable, and expensive option.

The prices for Subsidence Ltd work can reach highs of around £50,000 in severe cases. This is quite rare, however. Most subsidence repair costs are a lot less than this, and the average cost you can expect to pay is around £5000-£15,000. Fixing subsidence is never a quick or easy job, unless you use resin injection, where treatment can be done in as little as a day with no mess.

Whilst most home insurance policies in the UK indeed do cover subsidence, here’s a little more explanation:

Housing Associations – Subsidence Property Portfolio Commercial Repairs

Generally, subsidence coverage in UK home insurance applies under these conditions:

New Subsidence: Your policy will typically only cover the first instance of subsidence affecting your property. If your home has previously had subsidence and been repaired, any subsequent occurrences may not be covered unless you disclose the prior event to your insurer and they agree to continue your coverage with modified terms.
Policy Terms: Different policies have specific clauses around subsidence. Carefully review your policy wording to understand the exact terms and conditions of your coverage. This will provide details on:
Exclusions: Some policies may exclude specific causes of subsidence, like mining activity or groundworks undertaken too close to your property.
Excess Amount: You may have to pay an excess fee before your insurer starts covering the repair costs. The amount varies depending on the policy and the extent of the damage.
Claims History: Some insurers may charge higher premiums or even decline coverage if your property has a history of claims related to subsidence.

Beyond the “never suffered before” rule, further factors can influence coverage:

Time Since Last Subsidence: If your home had subsidence some time ago and has been demonstrably stable with appropriate repairs, some insurers may still consider offering coverage. The time frame considered acceptable varies, but generally falls within 10-15 years after the previous incident.
Nature of Repairs: The quality and type of repairs done to address the previous subsidence play a role. If the repairs were done to a high standard and have demonstrably stabilised the property, you might be considered for coverage.
Transparency and Pre-disclosure: Always be transparent with your insurer about any past subsidence issues. Concealing it can lead to policy denial or cancellation. It’s also recommended that you speak with one of the company owners of Subsidence Ltd to arrange for an on-site assessment of our modern equipment, drain inspection CCTV engineer inspection and a chance to ask FAQ for insurance purposes.

In lands where Tremors subtly swerve,
Subsidence whispers in the clay beneath our feet,
The Earth doth sigh, yet hope emerges, soft and fleet.
Minds entwined with Nature’s plea,
Seek a path to set the Earth free,
Through mindful care and wisdom’s art.
We Men, the fractures heal, the heart,
With trees as Sentinels, roots that bind,
Resilient, packed with Earth we find.
In unity we stand, steadfast and true,
Together we rise, a world anew.

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