What’s it like to work for Subsidence Ltd?

Working for Subsidence Ltd offers a positive and fulfilling experience, our glowing feedback from clients in England and Wales has consistently praised us in Google reviews. We believe in a straightforward, clear communication style to positively reinforce our team and manage expectations.

Construction transient jobs in Subsidence Resin Injection

We are looking to hire people who are committed to professionalism and efficiency and can confidently speak with homeowners on-site. Full training is provided, and you will also be issued with PPE equipment and work boots, view our live jobs based around the UK.

Our business is founded on retaining our strong reputation and in 2024 we have several job opportunities to join our team

Please note: The best way to apply for jobs is to apply via the link above, by sending a message we will assume you are

UK wide travel, London and national on-site job opportunities

You will benefit from our training of new talent. By taking on an apprentice and committing to comprehensive training, assessment, and mentorship, Subsidence Ltd has highlighted its investment in the next generation of industry professionals. We are happy to devote substantial time and resources to our continued extensive development program, we hold a sincere interest in establishing a pipeline of qualified, supported talent.

We are looking to bring on new team members who take pride in professionalism, efficiency, and providing excellent service when meeting with homeowners about projects. Even if you are new to construction, full training is offered, along with protective equipment and work boots. You’ll get to travel to job sites all over the UK on a transient basis. Some roles are based on our Cheshire Head office, additionally, get in touch if you can travel around the Thames and London City, North, South and East areas of the capital.

Our company values retaining a strong reputation. In 2024 this is your opportunity to join a growing company and gain skills in an essential construction trade. We plan to add several positions as we continue expanding operations. New hires benefit from robust training programs and a hand-on, personal approach with the business owners and Managers. We devote substantial time to teach in-depth skills, assess progress, and provide mentoring. This highlights our investment in developing the next generation of industry pros. We happily commit resources to establish a pipeline of qualified, supported talent.

Working with us – it’s the little things

Employees can expect to fully learn all processes of structural resin injection repairs and gain well-rounded experience across our operational areas. But it doesn’t top there. Every year we hold a company Christmas party, you’ll get bank holiday benefits, personal mentoring and a little treat on your birthday.

We offer various great benefits to field employees to help them thrive despite outdoor work challenges or difficult clients. We nurture the technical and people abilities to become tomorrow’s construction leaders. Our supportive culture and guidance reflect core values focused on building up team members.

Subsidence Ltd offers a variety of great things to their construction workers to help them cope with the challenges of working outdoors, handling customer complaints, and feeling mentally and physically drained.

Promoting Physical Well-being:

Our company culture is a happy culture, based on experience by our staff and ourselves of experiencing how some bosses are easy to anger and hard to avoid.

Providing access to health and wellness programs: This could include on-site fitness facilities, subsidized gym memberships, healthy snacks and beverages, and health education seminars.

Offering ergonomic training and equipment: To help workers prevent injuries and discomfort from repetitive tasks and heavy lifting of construction equipment.

Enhancing Mental Well-being:

Promoting open communication and psychological safety: Creating a workplace culture where workers feel comfortable discussing their concerns and challenges without fear of retribution can foster mental well-being.

Offering employee assistance programs (EAPs): These programs provide confidential counselling, stress management resources, and referrals to mental health professionals.

Recognising and appreciating fellow colleagues’ contributions: Celebrating achievements, providing positive feedback, social gatherings at Christmas and a little birthday surprise every year! This is a 21st birthday photo taken at a football match in December 2023.

subsidence repairs UK resin injection structural repair engineer underpinning contruction

Addressing Customer Complaints:

This is unavoidable, and this may involve speaking with our customers face-to-face on their property.

Providing training on effective customer interaction. We do ask for customer reviews in all cases. This helps to identify any areas for staff improvement, work processes or service experience.

Equipping workers with communication skills, empathy, and conflict resolution techniques can help them constructively handle customer complaints.

The business owners are hands-on and empathetic with all of our staff, notably the front line employees who handle direct contact and are the face of the business.

There is always the opportunity to speak directly with your immediate Manager, or the owners in 1-2-1 meetings. We offering regular training on customer service and conflict resolution as we believe that ongoing coaching can help workers develop their skills and become more confident in dealing with customer concerns.

Establishing clear policies and procedures for customer interactions: This increases knowledge of the process flow, reduces confusion, and provides workers with a framework for handling complaints professionally.

Overall Workplace Enhancements: Healthy Work – Life Balances

Investing in employee development: Providing opportunities for training, education, and career advancement can make workers feel valued and appreciated.

Creating a positive and inclusive work environment: Fostering a sense of belonging, teamwork, and mutual respect can enhance employee morale and engagement.

Encouraging a healthy work-life balance: Promoting flexible work arrangements, offering paid time off, and supporting healthy work habits can reduce stress and burnout.

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