Subsidence Risks: A Guide to South Wales Postcode Regions

Understanding these changes in South Wales, where geological variations are pronounced, is crucial for building and maintaining safe structures. Subsidence affects different geological landscapes of South Wales, your property’s structural integrity and foundation problems may be the reason you have cracks in walls. All it usually takes is a one-day engineering team to visit you on-site and use resin injections to resolve your stabilisation.

Structural Engineer’s Soil Geological Diversity in South Wales

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South Wales showcases a rich tapestry of geological formations. From the ancient rock strata in the Brecon Beacons to the sedimentary layers along the coast, each formation brings unique subsidence challenges. Carboniferous limestone and coal measures, for instance, are prone to different subsidence mechanisms compared to the glacial till found in other parts.

Subsidence Underpinning Cost Calculator – Online Price for Resin Injections

The resin cost calculator on the Subsidence Ltd website is a user-friendly tool designed to provide property owners with an estimated cost for resin injection subsidence repairs. To use the calculator, you simply need to follow these steps:

  1. Identify the Affected Area: Locate the area of your property where there are visible signs of subsidence, such as cracks or sinkage.
  2. Measure the Affected Distance: Measure the distance along the property that is affected by subsidence.
  3. Input Measurements into the Calculator: Enter the total meterage of the affected area into the calculator.

This calculator quickly generates a guide price, giving property owners an initial estimate of the repair costs. It’s important to note that this cost is generally more affordable than underpinning, a traditional method of subsidence repair. However, the provided quote is only an estimate and is subject to change following a site visit and further engineering surveys.

Understanding the geological nuances in Wales is essential for accurate risk assessment and effective structural design in South Wales.

South Wales Postcode Areas Susceptible to Subsidence

resin injection subsidence south wales cardiff repairs

Merthyr Tydfil – CF47
Cardiff – CF10
Pontypridd – CF37
Rhondda Valley
Aberdare – CF44
Llanelli – SA15
Neath – SA11
Port Talbot – SA13
Bridgend – CF31
Maesteg – CF34
Ebbw Vale – NP23
Tredegar – NP22
Blaenavon – NP4
Cwmbran – NP44
Caerphilly – CF83
Bargoed – CF81
Pontypool – NP4
Ferndale – CF43
Mountain Ash – CF45
Porthcawl – CF36
Barry – CF62
Penarth – CF64
Newport – NP20
Swansea – SA1

Clay Soils and the Shrink-Swell Phenomenon

Areas with clay-rich soils, particularly in the South Wales Valleys, are susceptible to the shrink-swell phenomenon. This process, where clay soils expand when wet and contract when dry, leads to significant ground movement.

Understanding these dynamics is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity of buildings in these zones.

Seasonal weather variations exacerbate this, causing cyclical expansion and contraction that can undermine the stability of foundations and structures.

Legacy of Mining: A Subsidence Hotspot

South Wales’ rich mining heritage has left a legacy of subsidence issues. Old mining tunnels and shafts, particularly in the coal mining regions, create voids that can collapse, causing subsidence above ground. Identifying these areas is a key concern for structural engineers, as the historical mining activity significantly influences current land stability.

Resin Injection Subsidence Structural Solutions

Addressing subsidence in South Wales has seen the adoption of innovative techniques like resin injection, a minimally invasive and eco-friendly solution. This method, alongside other modern techniques, has been successfully implemented in various South Wales localities, offering effective remediation with minimal environmental impact.

Climate change is likely to alter subsidence patterns in South Wales, with increased rainfall and extreme weather events potentially exacerbating land movement. Structural engineers play a critical role in adapting to these changes, ensuring that buildings and infrastructure can withstand the evolving subsidence landscape.

Vale of Glamorgan and the Rhonda Valley – Riverbank and Coastal Concerns

In coastal and riverbank regions, erosion and solifluction (slow downhill movement of water-saturated soil) present unique challenges. These processes can weaken soil structure and increase subsidence risks, particularly in areas along the Bristol Channel and near major rivers.

Cardiff – The capital city, located on the south coast of Wales.
Llanelli – Located along the coastline of Carmarthenshire.
Neath – Close to the coast, though not directly on the seafront.
Port Talbot – Situated on the coast along Swansea Bay.
Porthcawl – A coastal town located in Bridgend County Borough.
Barry – A coastal town in the Vale of Glamorgan, known for its beachfront.
Penarth – Located on the coastline, just south of Cardiff.
Swansea – A coastal city and county on the South Wales coast.

Urban Development: The Weight of Property Pressure

As urban areas expand, the increased weight of buildings and infrastructure adds pressure on the land, potentially triggering or exacerbating subsidence. In South Wales, where urban expansion continues, understanding the interplay between land-use changes and subsidence risk is vital for sustainable development.

Postcodes for Wales:

CF1-5, CF8, 10-11, 14-15, 23-24, CF 30-31 Cardiff
CF32-35 Bridgend
CF37-38, 40-46 Rhondda Cynon Taf
CF61-64, 71-72 Vale of Glamorgan
CF81-83, 91, 95, 99 Caerphilly
CH1, 4-8 Flintshire
GL16 Monmouthshire
HR3, 5 Powys
LD1-8 Powys
LL11-12, 20 Wrexham
LL13-15, 17-19, 21 Denbighshire
LL22-34 Conwy
LL35-59 Gwynedd
LL60-78 Anglesey
NP1-2, 6, 8-10, 18-20, 22, 24-26 Newport
NP3 Blaenau Gwent
NP4, 7, 15-16, 25 Monmouthshire
NP11-12 Caerphilly
NP13, 23 Blaenau Gwent
NP44 Torfaen
NPT Newport
SA1-9, 80, 99 Swansea
SA10-14, 31-34, 38-40, 44 Carmarthenshire
SA15-20, 35-37 Pembrokeshire
SA43, 45-48 Ceredigion
SA61-64, 69-73 Pembrokeshire
SY5, 7, 9-10, 13-16, 18, 21-23 Powys
SY24-25 Ceredigion

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